Recipe: Quick Wild Green Hot Aioli

Quick Wild Green Hot Aioli

Aioli, allioli or aïoli is a sauce made of garlic, salt, and olive oil and found in the cuisines of the northwest Mediterranean, from Valencia to Calabria. The names mean "garlic and oil" in Catalan/Valencian and Provençal. It is found in the cuisines of the Mediterranean coasts of Spain, France and Italy. We like to use this as the base for our Wild Aioli. This is a versitle sauce for dipping

 Here is a good article on Aioli


  • 2 Table Spoons of Wild Green Hot Table Sauce (GREEN)
  • 1 cup Mayo
  • 2 tsp Olive oil
  • squeeze or two of lemon juice

Combine all ingredients (including the 2 teaspoons of Wild Green sauce) in a blender and blend.  Blend until completely smooth into the dip.

Uses:  As a sandwich or wrap spread. Also it can be used as a substitue for mayo. We love it veggies and breakfast sandwiches. Serve as a  dip with vegetable tray, or to dress up potatoes or a grilled kebab. 

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